There are no reported negative side effects associated with Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Procedure

The stem cell procedure is performed by Dr. Benoist

under rigorous sterile technique in the comfort of our office. The basic steps are as follows:

  • MRI or XRay is reviewed and applied to symptoms and physical findings to determine the area which is most likely responsible for pain and loss of function.
  • This area is localized under Ultrasound and targeted for injection of stem cells. Images are saved documenting proper needle placement for precise delivery of cells.
  • Our cells are meticulously screened to eliminate any possibility of infection or impurity and our treatment is minimally uncomfortable or, in many cases, completely painless. Sedation is available upon request, if necessary.
  • There are no reported negative side effects associated with Stem Cell Therapy. The injection site should be monitored for marked redness, increased warmth or drainage. Notify our office immediately should any of these occur.

After The Stem Cell Procedure

Post procedure instructions vary depending upon the affected area. This depends on the type of procedure. However, our procedures allow as much early activity as possible. As a general rule: we do not require bracing. Low impact activities are encouraged immediately after the procedure. We recommend continuing usual activities but not adding anything new. Full high impact activities would be expected at ~ 6 weeks.

This accelerated timeline for return to activity, along with the minimally-invasive nature of Stem Cell Therapy is why increasingly more people are turning to stem cell treatment as a means of combatting injuries and illnesses; whether caused by age, illness, normal wear and tear, or acute injury, research and anecdotal evidence both point to huge promise and positive results in the field of stem cell medical treatments.

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