Studies show there is a strong link between low testosterone and diabetes. Men with Low-T are far more likely to have Type 2 diabetes, than men whose testosterone levels are more normal. That is because testosterone plays a major role in how your body metabolizes sugar.

Obese men, and men with heart disease, are also most likely to have diabetes. Low-T can lead to obesity and heart disease. Low testosterone could put men on a downward spiral of poor health. It can go like this. Low-T starts to mess with insulin and sugar metabolism. You start to put on weight, and as the weight goes up, the extra fat triggers hormonal changes. Your body starts to produce even less testosterone. Fat builds up in your arteries. It becomes a vicious cycle leading to diabetes and heart disease.

Testosterone replacement therapy, along with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes, can break that cycle, and restore you to good health!

Testosterone replacement therapy can play a major role in the treatment of diabetes. Testosterone directly improves your ability to process sugar. But, since testosterone replacement can improve strength, mood and burn fat, it can help you to make and maintain the lifestyle changes that can bring your diabetes under control. All men over the age of 35 should have their testosterone level tested to see if they may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

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