[Stem Cells] are present naturally and allow our bodies to build new tissue, such as new muscle when we exercise or for healing after tissue damage in injury.



that is, they have the potential to mature and differentiate into any type of tissue including bone, tendon, ligament, cartilage and muscle. They are present naturally and allow our bodies to build new tissue, such as new muscle when we exercise or for healing after tissue damage in injury.

Stem cells also continually replace the many specialized cells in our body if they are worn out or damaged. All of this makes stem cells extremely important in the natural process of healing. There are many types of stem cells, and each type plays a different role in the body as we grow and develop.

Currently the three most common types of stem cells used in regenerative medicine are: Fat (adipose tissue), bone marrow, and placental. Both adipose and bone marrow aspirate are harvested from your own body and are categorized as “adult stem cells”. Placental stem cells are harvested from placentas that are donated after C section.

Which Cells Do You Use for Stem Cell Therapy and Why?

After extensive review of the available data and careful consideration of multiple factors both for and against adult versus placental cells, ReviveMD believes that placental cells are the overall best choice. There are several factors that contributed to this rationale:

1. Wide availabilty of placental and amniotic tissue that is strictly harvested to avoid potential for infectious agent transmission or the presence of antigens that could predispose to tissue rejection,
2. The amniotic membrane and fluid contains a relative abundance of cytokines and growth factors that guide the stem cells when compared to bone marrow and adipose,
3. There are fewer stem cells available in adult marrow and adipose tissue as we age. There are on the order of millions more younger, healthier, pluripotent cells in placental tissue injections compared with adult,
4. Adipose tissue harvest and bone marrow aspiration are invasive and generally the most painful part of a stem cell procedure using adult cells,
5. There is no clinical evidence that placental tissue results are inferior to adult stem cell procedures and there have been hundreds of thousands of placental procedures performed with excellent outcomes and no reports of adverse events.

Revive MD does NOT use embryonic stem cells in our treatments.

How Do You Get the Cells Used in Stem Cell Therapy?

We use cryopreserved pluripotent cells from the placenta and cytokines and growth factors from amniotic tissue and fluid. It is obtained from healthy volunteer donor placenta. Specifically, this is NOT fetal tissue. It is the fluid and the placenta that would normally be discarded at childbirth. Fortunately, with preservation and separation of the layers of the placenta, the amnion layer and cells can be preserved to make use of their unique properties.

Regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell injections and PRP injections have been proven to be safe with a low complication rate. A free consultation is available to review X Rays or MRI, if available, and to discuss potential for success and risks versus benefits.

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